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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: New Commercial Shows the Pleasure of Being Goku

The upcoming Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will hit the stores in almost a month, and it will be available for the owners of the regular platforms: Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The developers sure know how to tease the fans well and efficiently since they have provided us plenty of footage from the game. We’ve seen Goku’s transformation into Super Sayian 3, Vegeta’s possession by Babidi, Goku and Piccolo’s struggle against Raditz, Goku and Vegeta’s epic beam struggle, and many more.

Now, it looks like there’s time to tease the fans in some other way – by showing the huge level of excitement that it’s surrounding the fanbase of Goku:

Of course, some people might protest by saying that it’s not fair for Goku to be again the main character of the game. After all, if we look back in the anime, he didn’t manage to defeat any villain all by his own. Maybe only Frieza, although some may speculate that it was a draw match between those two.

But Goku is the embodiment of goodness, and the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game is mainly about him, as the name itself suggests. The commercial shows very clearly how the Super Sayian strength is perceived by the fans. Who never wanted to be a Super Sayian, to shoot energy waves from their hands, and to defeat powerful opponents as Goku does? And above all, who never wanted to fight for justice and peace, and to eradicate evil as much as possible? Goku has been for many years a source of inspiration for many kids and not only, and the Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game will respect pretty well the main story unfolding from the anime.

Has anybody of you figured out how to shoot energy waves from your hands or how to become a Super Sayian?



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