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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Episode 2: The Earth Dream Team – Short Guide On How To Play The Game

When you start the story in the first episode of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, you are learning, experiencing, and make discoveries. The training camp is one of the places that it’s helping you to defend and teleport, and you must go with it.

The basics on Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Episode 2: The Earth Dream Team

Alongside Son Gohan, you do your missions and task, and you face dangers. There is one point at the final of episode one that you will need to discover. Because starting with episode two, Raditz has kidnapped Son Gohan, and you want to find him. You will not go alone in this quest because you have Piccolo on your side.

Episode 2: The Dream Team is translated that you and Piccolo are this team. Before you leave in the mission to find Son Gohan, you drink a healing drink from Bulma. The juice is giving you recovery and 10.000 HP. Also, you will receive explanations about the characters, in this case, Piccolo. The first stop is the village of Lucca; you will see it available on the map.

You can move in the area with the help of the vehicles, and other objectives will open on your map. Also, two secondary stories will appear, the Gentil Giant and Nam the Peddler.

More on how to play Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Episode 2: The Earth Dream Team

If you follow the red ray on the horizon, you will arrive on a crater where the crashing of Raditz’ capsule was. You will fight Raidtz in two phases having Piccolo by your side. It is not hard to beat Raditz, just use the tactics from the training camp, dodge, and teleport for protection.

Son Goku will help you and Piccolo as well when he will surround Raditz. This helps Piccolo to give your adversary the final blow. In short, after you will finish the mission, Son Gohan will train Piccolo so that a survival course will begin. Take note that Son Goku will go to Heaven, and a quiz will appear for you. If you respond correctly to the King Yemma’s questionnaire, you will receive King Yemma and Kami’s Soul emblems.



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