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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot – Character Progression Trailer Shows Players How to Get STRONGER

The whole Dragon Ball Z anime is about getting stronger, at least for Goku, who always has to achieve new powers and transformations and be better than the rest of the Z warriors. But even if other characters haven’t gotten too strong, they have always been training to at least maintain a certain pace. There is one exception, however: Gohan at the beginning of the Buu Saga, when he became a lot weaker compared to when he fought Cell. He left aside his training to be able to study more.

The Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot game plans to unfold to the fans something similar – if you don’t train enough, you don’t get stronger, or you’ll even be weaker than before. Of course, this will affect players in their battles.

Train, eat, and fight!

A new character progression trailer shows us exactly how to get stronger in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot or simply maintain the right pace: you have to train hard, engage in battles, and of course, nurture yourself with healthy food.

Goku has been training all his life

The main protagonist of the upcoming game, Goku, has been training hard and during the whole Dragon Ball Z series. He never backed down from a challenge, which is why he got so strong until the end. When he fought his evil brother Raditz along with Piccolo, our beloved hero had a power level of only about 300. Later on, he defeated Nappa, some fighters from the Gyniu Force, Frieza, Buu, and he saved the planet when Cell tried to blow it up. It is uncertain what the power level of Goku was at the end of Dragon Ball Z, but it’s clearly way over 9000. And when I say ‘over’, I mean several more 0’s.

Hopefully, you’ll find enough food in the game since Sayians usually eat huge amounts at each meal. The developers of the game might have forgotten this aspect.



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