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Dragon Ball Z Kakarot: Available for Nintendo Switch or Not? Bandai Namco’s Final Answer

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is highly expected by the Dragon Ball fans and not only. The game promises to mix the fighting aspect with various other game styles. And the developers sure know how to tease the fans since they’ve been releasing plenty of footage that unveils the game and how it will be played. We’ve seen plenty of scenes reproduced from the original anime, like Vegeta’s sacrifice, Goku and Piccolo fighting Raditz, Goku going Super Sayian 3, Gohan and Cell’s epic Kamehameha clash, Vegito pounding Majin Buu, and more.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is expected to hit the market at the beginning of the next year, on January 16. Although the platforms where the game will be running are the traditional ones (Windows, PS4 and Xbox One), fans had the right to hope for more. Thus, they demanded the game to be available also for Nintendo Switch.

To be or not to be Nintendo Switch?

Unfortunately, the publisher Bandai Namco gave us the bad news, breaking some Dragon Ball fans’ hearts: the game won’t be available for Nintendo Switch. The news belongs to an inquiry done by AltChar. The team asked Bandai if Nintendo Switch received support for the game, and unfortunately, the answer from the publisher himself was a plain “no.”

Another disappointing thing for some fans is that there’s no Dragon Ball Super going on for Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Although some hardcore Dragon Ball fans are constantly complaining about the bad writing of Super, some people still want those godly powers of the characters available in the new upcoming game. Super Sayian Blue form is perhaps hundreds of times more powerful than the standard Super Sayian. Dragon Ball Super also brought the toughest characters from all the franchise: Hit, Zamasu, Goku Black, Beerus, Whis, Champa and Jiren, just to say a few. But as the name of the game suggest, Dragon Ball Z Kakarot will only have characters from Z.



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