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Dragon Ball Theory: How Would Goku & Co Be Dealing with a More Dangerous Pandemic Than COVID-19

The Dragon Ball franchise doesn’t seem to face any downfall anytime soon, considering that it continues even today with the manga version of Super, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes show, and the related video games. But why not try to imagine our own plot twist for the franchise? We’re doing just that today, and it’s up to you to tell us your impressions in the comments.

If you haven’t been living in a cave for the last months, you know very well that the planet is facing a COVID-19 pandemic that killed hundreds of thousands of people. Since the disease is not so deadly for most iof the nfected people, and it would certainly be useless against a Super Saiyan, let’s suppose that Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo, and the others have to deal with a much greater health threat. There’s a new killer virus in Dragon Ball known as the Dragon Brick virus. It’s more dangerous than anything else, and it was created on purpose by an evil alien. The virus can even affect a Super Saiyan God, and it’s being spread just as easy as COVID-19. Hospitalization is required, and even Beerus wears a facemask when he comes to Earth to eat. Let’s see what would happen to Goku & co:

Goku is afraid of syringes

Goku desperately wants to get infected with the Dragon Brick virus, just to see if he’s strong enough not to be too affected by it. His wish is granted after the mighty Saiyan kisses Bulma to get the virus. But despite being one of the most powerful fighters from the Multiverse, Goku is scared to death when it comes to needles. He proved it in Dragon Ball Z two times: when he was injured after the fight with Vegeta and while on planet Namek. Goku is way more scared because of a needle than he ever was due to an opponent with superpowers. This would make it very difficult for doctors to treat the mighty Saiyan from the mysterious new virus that kills a lot of people from the Dragon Ball environment. Goku would prefer to face the horrible symptoms rather than getting pierced by a little needle. Let’s just hope that he would be strong enough to survive. But anyway, Goku won’t be strong enough this time when Vegeta finds out how his old rival caught the virus.

Vegeta refuses treatment

Vegeta gets sick with the Dragon Brick virus, and he can barely stand up in his feet, but hospitals are full of patients. There’ only one ICU bed left in a single hospital, but in that same room, there’s an old ‘friend’ of the Saiyan Prince: Frieza. As Beerus revived the former intergalactic tyrant after the Tournament Of Power saga, Frieza himself catches the terrible virus. No matter what, Vegeta doesn’t want to be that close to Frieza, the guy who eradicated the whole Saiyan race long ago. But still, due to Vegeta’s frequent training, his immune system is strong enough to defeat the virus.

Krillin dies… again

Krillin died plenty of times in the Dragon Ball franchise, but each time it was for a good purpose. Goku became a Super Saiyan for the first time when Krillin was killed by Frieza, for instance. The little bald Earthling could once again be the trigger for new milestones of Goku and the others. Our guess is that Krillin is among the first victims of the Dragon Brick virus, having to face all of its horrendous symptoms. This will surely make people, and especially the Z warriors to take the pandemic a lot more seriously. The virus is, after all, killing a character with superpowers.

Piccolo sacrifices himself for Gohan… again!

Piccolo had to sacrifice himself for Gohan in DBZ so that Goku’s son gets saved from Nappa’s deadly energy wave. A similar thing happened in Dragon Ball Super even twice, so why wouldn’t Piccolo do the same thing again for his first pupil? Imagine this: Gohan is very ill from the mysterious virus and gets hospitalized. Considering that he let down his training in the last years and preferring to do maths instead, Gohan has a very weak immune system that brought him closer to death. His only chance of survival is that someone deliberately chooses to take the disease in his own body instead. Who would be a more suitable character than Piccolo? The Namekian sacrificed himself once again for Gohan.

Vegeta becomes the hero of the ‘Dragon Brick pandemic’ arc

Vegeta fans will finally get to see their favorite character becoming the hero of an arc for once. With Goku staying sick because he’s afraid of needles, it’s time for the Saiyan Prince to finally shine. Vegeta recovered from the virus due to his strong immune system and then searches for the terrible villain who invented the scourge. Vegeta finds him and gets overpowered by the villain at first. But by reminding himself that Bulma was also infected, Vegeta achieves a new transformation and beats up the villain severely. The Saiyan then takes the antidote and rushes back to Earth to give it to all the sick people. But once he finds out that Goku kissed Bulma just to become infected with the Dragon Brick virus, Vegeta heals his own rival only to beat him up while both Saiyans are at full strength. Therefore, Vegeta becomes the hero of the new arc and even beats Goku close to death in the end.

As you can see, there would be many serious hindrances for the Dragon Ball fighters facing a devastating pandemic. Or maybe they could just solve the whole situation by eating a Senzu bean each time they get sick.




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