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Dragon Ball Super’s Broly Coming for Dragon Ball FighterZ – Watch Trailer

The developers of Dragon Ball FighterZ game are preparing a brand new DLC which will include the last villain from the hugely popular franchise: none other than the legendary Broly, but this time it’s the one from the Dragon Ball Super movie. Broly has been included before in other Dragon Ball video games, but not with his latest godly powers. In the Dragon Ball Super movie that was released in 2018, Broly was way more powerful than before, giving even Super Sayian Blue Gogeta a tough battle. And the plot was also a bit different than we previously thought.

Broly comes to Earth this time to fight Vegeta, which is surprising not only because Goku has been the main target for villains over time. Broly wants to test his power against Vegeta because the father of the Sayian Prince did something very awful. Thus, Broly thought that he could gain some revenge. Broly ultimately gets to fight Gogeta, the fusion between Goku and Vegeta, and that battle is shown pretty well in the upcoming DLC:

There’s no sign of a clear release date for the game, but the trailer itself says simply that the Broly (DBS) as it is written is coming soon, and also a tweet by Bandai Namco says a similar thing:

The Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie was received pretty well, although it had some disappointed fans. Fans have said that the plot is boring, makes no sense, the animation is bad in some scenes, and so on. The truth is, the movie had some amazing fights, and that is precisely the main thing that has to be implemented in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The events in the movie are taking place soon after the Universe Survival Arc from the Dragon Ball Super series.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat Broly in Dragon Ball FighterZ?





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