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Dragon Ball Super: What’s Next After Moro’s Arc

Goku and the gang still struggle a lot to defeat Moro in the Dragon Ball Super manga, and we also know that Majin Buu comes to the battlefield in Chapter 65. Moro is perhaps the strongest opponent that the good guys from Dragon Ball ever had to face, and there’s no wonder why: he’s a diabolical wizard who drained entire planets of their powers and life force in order to get stronger, and he’s millions of years old.

Moro’s arc went pretty much by the same old Dragon Ball way: the villain gains power throughout the arc, the good guys have to do their best for stoping him but it’s never enough, the villain beats down the good guys until the point of death, Goku ultimately matches his strength but hesitates to finish the job, and so on. But the terror of Moro is approaching its end, as the creators of the Dragon Ball Super manga are already working on the next arc.

Despite some concerns that Moro’s arc will end Dragon Ball Super for good, we have the proof that a new arc is on its way:

Over two years passed since the last episode of the Dragon Ball Super anime ended. Since the manga version continued with a new arc, that opened the path for many other possible continuations. 

What could we see in the next arc

After Moro’s possible defeat, we’re expecting many things from the new arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga. We expect more contributions from Frieza for a brand new diabolical plan, as the former intergalactic tyrant was up to no good after the end of the Tournament Of Power. Frieza murdered Broly’s father only to unleash the devastating powers of the wild Saiyan. We’re expecting many more evil deeds from Frieza for the next arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga.

As for Goku and Vegeta, it’ll be interesting to see how the gap in power evolves between them.



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