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Dragon Ball Super: Three Sure Ways to Defeat Moro While Goku and Vegeta are Down for The Count

Moro has become stronger than ever after stealing the powers of 73. The terrifying devilish villain has than moped the floor with Vegeta, Android 17 and 18, Piccolo, and Gohan. As for the most beloved Dragon Ball character, Goku got crippled by Moro. The villain impales our hero right through his chest, and this could be the end of the mighty Saiyan.

Therefore, the obvious mystery remains: who can possibly beat such a devastating fighting machine like Moro at this point in the Dragon Ball Super Manga, when the strongest of the good characters are lying on the battlefield useless? Luckily enough, Dragon Ball always finds a way to assure a happy end, and we’re glad to present to you our top proposals:

Merus saves the day

We just have to start with the most plausible scenario. Right after the good guys were wrecked by Moro, the angel Merus appears on the battlefield. The Manga chapter ends with this sight, leaving room for a lot of speculation. Being an angel, Merus is normally not allowed to get involved in fights, but he may make an exception this time as the situation is critical. Angels are considered even stronger than the gods in Dragon Ball Super, and it would be interesting to finally see an angel at work.

The Mafuba Attack

This is more than an attack, as it doesn’t really care how strong an opponent is. If it hits, it can shrink its victim and squeeze it into a jar. Having no way to escape and being drained of all powers, the opponent could remain there forever. The technique was used by Master Roshi, Trunks, Goku, and Tien. With the world’s strongest fighters down for the count, the old Master Roshi could come and use Mafuba against Moro to stop the villain once and for all. After all, Master Roshi was Goku’s first trainer.

Goku calls Zeno to get the job done

Zeno is the strongest deity in Dragon Ball Super, as even Beerus and the angels are afraid of getting him pissed. However, Goku managed to find a way to make friends with Zeno. Featuring a childish behavior but unprecedented powers that he can erase entire universes with, Zeno allowed Goku to call him with the press of a button anytime the Saiyan needs. It happened before in the Zamasu arc when Zeno erased the terrifying villain from existence along with an entire universe. The situation was too much for Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks to handle, and such an event could repeat itself soon.

Would you propose any other ways for defeating Moro?



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