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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 62: The End of Goku? Huge Achievements Made by Moro

The Dragon Ball Super Manga gets some unexpected and incredible twists, like in the good old Dragon Ball tradition. Just when everyone thought that Vegeta would finally become the hero of an arc for once, Moro has become stronger and more dangerous than ever. The even worse news is that he doesn’t hesitate to prove it towards his opponents.

The latest leaks and images from Chapter 62 of Dragon Ball Super Manga are showing Moro going full berserk. He puts all the good guys to the ground rapidly, and he has an even special treatment for the most beloved character of the franchise.

Goku gets crippled

The horrendous and devilish villain is not willing to play around anymore with Goku. He strikes his arm directly through the chest of our hero, reminding many Dragon Ball fans about Yamcha as he received the same treatment from an android back in Dragon Ball Z. Although we don’t have any confirmation that Goku is going to die after such a terrible strike from Moro, the mighty Saiyan was literally brought to his knees and looking as he’s barely alive.

Youtuber Geekdom101 speaks about Chapter 62 in a more detailing way below:

There are plenty of reasons to believe that Goku won’t die after this dreadful treatment received from Moro. First, because it would be very humiliating for a character like Goku to die in such a manner. He died twice in Dragon Ball Z, but only at his own will and for sacrificing himself for the whole world.

Last but not least, Goku had holes through him before made by his opponents. The mighty Saiyan found ways to cope with the situation and get over it, and he was even behaving like nothing happened when Goku Black stabbed him in the anime. But even so, you know what they say: there’s a beginning for everything. Goku could get killed by Moro, and we’ll find out for sure when the next chapter for the manga arrives. Images from the manga show Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Android 17 and 18 lying on the ground after Moro severely beat them. How could it all end?

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