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Dragon Ball Super Manga Chapter 60 Spoilers: How Vegeta Takes Goku’s Role

The Dragon Ball Super anime is long until it will return, but luckily for us, we have the manga available and telling us how the story continues after the Tournament Of Power. A new major threat for planet Earth has emerged – Moro is the name, and terrorizing the good guys is his game.

After Goku started to fight Moro, it turns out that the legendary hero cannot be better than the villain. While looking through the Manga, we see that Moro has beaten down and humiliated Goku. But Vegeta appears as he looks like he’ll be taking Goku’s role in the upcoming Chapter 60 of the Manga.

Vegeta uses Instant Transmission

The Saiyan Prince has been to Planet Yardrat to learn some new techniques in order to confront Moro. The inhabitants of the planet are not too powerful, but they know some mind-boggling techniques that they can use for manipulating space and time. The leaks are revealing Vegeta learning the same Instant Transmission that Goku has been using, and the Saiyan Prince will then take Goku’s role. How is that possible? Simple!

If we take a look back in the history of Dragon Ball, Goku was always the fighter arriving late to the ‘party’, but he was returning stronger than before and ready to defeat the opponents that were giving his friends a hard time. But this time, it seems like Vegeta will take that role and once again save Goku. The questions that lie in everyone’s head is the following: how strong will Vegeta be? Does he have a chance to beat Moro, considering that Goku lost against him even when using the Ultra Instinct technique?

Here’s a relevant review of the Chapter 60 spoilers made by Geekdom101:

Fortunately, we don’t have too much to wait anymore before we’ll see exactly what will Goku and Vegeta do. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 releases tomorrow, May 20, and we’ll get rid of all doubts.



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