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Dragon Ball Super is Preparing to Bring Back Cell

When Frieza was revived from the dead to conquer Earth and cause plenty of headaches to the Z warriors, some Dragon Ball fans claimed that Cell should have been restored to life instead. Even more, Frieza has been brought back to life twice in Dragon Ball Super, but there’s no trace of Cell in the anime. The evil android created by Dr. Gero was a far stronger villain than Frieza back in Dragon Ball Z.

The truth is, Frieza had a more interesting background, at least according to the majority: he’s a mighty intergalactic tyrant who destroyed the planet of the Saiyans along with most of its inhabitants. On the other hand, Cell doesn’t necessarily fall short since it was designed to have all the techniques of the greatest fighters to have ever inhabited or visited Earth. Besides, Cell was also very evil, and he gained power by stealing it from other fighters and even regular people. But why not bring both of the two terrifying villains to the Dragon Ball Super anime? That is exactly what seems to be unfolded if we take a good look at the manga version of Super.

Cell’s children are still alive

A bonus manga chapter may have provided a way for the ultimate creation of Dr Gero to return to the franchise once more. The chapter showed what Goten and Trunks did near the Tournament Of Power period after they started to protect the animals from an island. Android 17, the one who appointed the kids for the task, forgot to tell them that some of the Cell Juniors were still alive and roaming throughout the island. The little ‘Cells’ regenerated from some cells leftover by their defeat long ago against Gohan. An evil scientist could easily use the DNA of the little monsters to fully restore the Perfect Cell back to life. We already know from Cell’s regenerations in Dragon Ball Z (after he was blown to bits by energy waves from Goku, Gohan and Vegeta) that it’s enough for one single cell from the monster’s body to survive. That cell will multiply itself rapidly into creating a fully restored and even stronger android. Furthermore, why would some of the Cell’s children be alive and their father not?


Back in the Cell Saga from Dragon Ball Z, the Cell Juniors (aka Cell’s children) were miniature versions of the evil android appointed to terrorize and eventually kill the good guys such as Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, and Future Trunks. The Z warriors had very exhausting battles against the pesky little creatures, and even Goku was beaten by them.

Could Cell compete with Goku or Gohan from Dragon Ball Super?

Cell returned to Dragon Ball GT when he and Frieza fought Goku in Hell. However, the two villains were no match for Goku since our beloved hero was way stronger due to the numerous training sessions he has been through. Such a scenario with an outdated Cell losing easily again against Goku could theoretically occur.

But let’s not forget that the Dragon Ball series never had a big problem with power scaling when it wanted to make some character shine again. Cell could get involved in some mysterious type of training invented overnight, or simply become stronger without any explanation provided by the anime (as it happened many times with other characters in Dragon Ball Super). Therefore, if DBS really wants to bring Cell back and not by making him somebody’s punching bag, it will do it for sure and we shouldn’t worry about the method.

One thing’s for sure: Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, and the other warriors had the battle of their life while trying to stop Cell back in Dragon Ball Z. It would be absurd to bring back such a character like the terrifying villain without making him a huge threat again.

Without a doubt, Dragon Ball Super will return to the screens soon.  The fact that the manga version is very active confirms it. Not to mention that the narrator of the Super anime himself assured us that the story will be continued.



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