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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Datamine Suggests the Coming of Season 3 – Jiren’s Involvement?

Dragon Ball FighterZ is already a big success, and judging not only for its challenging gameplay. The title constantly receives new content from the developers, and now the fans are eagerly waiting for Season 3. Whether you’re tired of the old storyline, you’ve been too good while playing it, or you just want a new challenge, Season 3 promises to bring in the game, perhaps the most beautiful moment from Dragon Ball Super.

Remember when our beloved Goku worked together with the evil tyrant Frieza in order to defeat Jiren and save the entire Universe from being erased? That’s exactly what we can expect in Dragon Ball FighterZ game, and new footage presents it very well.

There you have it, the two enemies joining their last remaining forces to defeat the most powerful opponent ever. Vegeta couldn’t do it, Spirit Bomb couldn’t, and not even Goku’s new Ultra Instinct transformation. It took one very special kind of power to defeat Jiren, as he himself admits: trust.

DBS Broly ended Season 2

The big news comes from datamines performed on the game when DBS Broly DLC officially got released. That release ended Season 2 in a big style. The movie regarding Broly being able of godly powers has been launched in 2018, and it had some harsh critics.

But hey, you can say what you want about Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie – bad writing, the story doesn’t make sense, Broly is too powerful for no actual reason, and he also improves outrageously fast, Vegeta shouldn’t have been Broly’s target, Goku shouldn’t have been calling himself ‘Kakarot’, and so on. But we all have to admit that the movie has some of the most spectacular fighting scenes from all of Dragon Ball.

Let’s just wait for further news and hope that Bandai Namco will successfully work together with Arc System Works for a new great season in Dragon Ball FighterZ. The game is available for the usual platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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