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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Check Out The Most Wanted DLC Tier List

FighterZ is one of the most popular Dragon Ball fighting games out there, and it’s still receiving plenty of love from the developers. Master Roshi will be added into the game in September as a DLC playable character, and other fighters are awaited as well.

But like any other Dragon Ball game, it’s almost impossible for DB FighterZ to bring all the characters from the franchise as playable fighters. Dragon Ball features many characters, each of them with their own particularities and powers. That’s where the complaints of the fans come in handy, as they are free to say what fighters they want to see in the game for future DLC’s.

Most wanted fighter: Majin Vegeta

Thanks to the user @KaiokenCam, we have a pretty good idea of what the fans wish to see next in Dragon Ball FighterZ. Majin Vegeta seems to be the most wanted, and there’s no wonder why: after getting under Babidi’s spell in the Dragon Ball Z anime, the Saiyan Prince began his fierce hatred once again towards his old rival Goku. Otherwise, Vegeta managed to slow it down on his animosity for the one he always calls ‘Kakarot’.

Surprisingly enough, Zarbon is the next most-wanted fighter, who was one of Frieza’s henchmen back in the old days of the Dragon Ball Z anime. Raditz is in the third place, and there’s no surprise here – he is, after all, Goku’s brother. Dragon Ball’s latest major villain from the ongoing manga version, Moro, occupies a well-deserved fourth place. While almost all of the Ginyu force is on the front row, it’s odd that we’re not seeing the captain there at all.

It’s weird why Omega Shenron and Dabura didn’t manage to be among the desired fighters, either. We’re eagerly looking forward to see what characters will really arrive into Dragon Ball FighterZ from the list. Judging by the way things evolve with the game, we’ll see another DLC fighter besides Master Roshi arriving soon.



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