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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Alternate Costumes for Ultra Instinct Goku are Revealing Pleasant Surprise

Fans worldwide of Dragon Ball FighterZ are happy that Goku’s most powerful form will arrive in the game very soon: on May 22. The new DLC will be unfolding a long-awaited transformation, and pretty much nobody can stand a chance against Goku at this level.

Bandai Namco itself, the developer of Dragon Ball FighterZ, released several days ago an official trailer for the addition of Ultra Instinct Goku. You can see it below, as the legendary hero is pounding Jiren from every position:

But even another exciting aspect was revealed about Goku’s arrival in the form of Ultra Instinct: the alternate costumes. While Goku was shirtless when he used the transformation in its full potential against Jiren, you certainly can put some clothes on him in the game, as you can do with any other character.

‘Back to the end of Z’ costume

If you remember how was Goku dressed way back in the last episodes of Dragon Ball Z, when he was fighting Uub, then that’s precisely what the developers of Dragon Ball FighterZ are preparing for him now. The age-old blue outfit with a white belt and orange bracelets is very similar to the new costume that you can dress Ultra Instinct Goku with.

One big dilemma for the upcoming DLC that includes Ultra Instinct Goku is who will possibly stand a chance against the iconic superhero at this level. Ultra Instinct is a transformation that even the gods are struggling to achieve, but its great downside is that it makes the one who uses it to burn out extremely fast. Goku was at the point of eliminating Jiren in his Ultra Instinct state, but the brave Saiyan suddenly lost all his strength.

As we’re all eager to see Ultra Instinct Goku fighting in Dragon Ball FighterZ, we should bear in mind that the game is available for the usual platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PS4.



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