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Downloading Flash SWF Files: This Is How You Can Use Chrome and Firefox

We have written this article to make your life easier. Here is how to download Flash with Chrome and with Firefox

Download Flash Files Using Chrome

In order to download SWF files in Chrome, without actually needing the help of extensions, you need to look for some Chrome tools which developers agree on.

First, you need to open the Flash video on Chrome and let it load completely. Then, right-click on a random area, and select Inspect Element from the menu. The Developer Tools will open up at the bottom of the screen. Do not look for the specific SWF file in the jumbled code. Instead, click on the magnifying glass icon with “Select an element in the page to inspect it.” this will help you a lot. Then, click on the Flash video, which gets highlighted in blue. Then, you need to select the URL and copy-paste it on the address bar on Chrome, then open it again. After this, you need to open the drop-down Chrome menu and click on Save page as. Then, save the flash video to your computer.

Download Flash Files Using Firefox

You need first to launch Firefox and load the page that contains the embedded SWF Flash file that you want to download. Then open a new tab, and right-click and select the Page Info menu option. Or, simply go to Tools, then to Page Info.

The Page Info has five tabs. You need to select the Media tab. This tab will list all image elements, such as style sheets, icons, and flash files. It will take you some time since you have to go through the cached elements in order to locate the SWF file. You can make your life easier and sort the elements by type and simply narrow it down to the one that says Embed. Just highlight the file and click Save as to save the file on your drive.



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