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Dota Underlords Update Brings Improvements, Fixes, and Some Balance Updates

In the last decade, the video games world has been dominated by trends imposed by a successful title that took the world by storm. Among the most popular trend, we can count MOBAs, such as Dota Underlords, hero shooters, and battle royale titles. Each of them was inaugurated by a popular title that became a hit and inspired other developers to craft their take on the genre in an attempt to attract people and earn a slice of the pie.

The latest trend among video game developers is auto chess, which was brought into the limelight by a popular mod for Valve’s hit MOBA title Dota 2. Millions of people download Dota 2 to play the mod and it rose quickly as one of the most popular games on Twitch.

At first, Valve tried to negotiate with the developers of the mod to release a standalone version but the company did not manage to secure a deal and decided to create its title.

Latest Dota Underlords update brings many novelties

Enter Dota Underlords, which is quite popular among both PC and mobile gamers. The mobile version of the app comes with a selection of rich features that keep players engaged and active. The addictive gameplay formula allows players to recruit and enhance heroes as they seek to craft the ultimate party. Pay an eye to alliances since they can offer valuable bonuses and turn the tides of a match if the right choices are made.

An optimized network protocol keeps lag and latency to a minimum. Valve believes that games are best with friends, and those who play the mobile version of the title can compete against PC players. A great advantage comes in the form of a robust crossplay solution that allows players to start a match on one device and finish it on a different device without issues.

The new Dota Underlords update comes with significant performance improvements and bug fixes. Also, it brings some balance updates. You can check for the full patch notes on the official site.



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