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Dota Underlords for Android Receives the Season 1 Content Update

Valve’s venture into the land of auto battler games has been quite successful as Dota Underlords has managed to impress a significant number of people. The popular spinoff title has recently received new content in the form of the Season 1 update.

The world was taken by storm because of the rise of the auto-battler video games genre in 2019. As in the case of other trends that were established in recent years, the madness was triggered by the successful release of a mod, in this case, Dota Auto Chess.

The mod has inspired the release of a large number of similar titles, with one of the most popular ones being Dota Underlords, which was developed directly by Valve. Players will enjoy a wealth of new content that was released recently for the Season 1.

The Campaign

The decision to add a campaign to an auto-battler is quite impressive. Players will have the chance to recapture White Spire by conquering all the neighborhoods via street-fights and challenges that will offer exclusive rewards among which we can count spectacular poster art and new outfits. Those who love mind games will also like the opportunity to solve puzzles and reach the top of the Puzzle Leaderboard.

Impressive Battle Pass

Acquire the new Battle Pass to unlock more than 100 rewards. Raise your level by completing challenges and playing matches to unlock beautiful rewards, including new boards, map props, custom art, and much more. Some of the awards will be available for free, but those who wish to get every item and complete the entire pass will have to pay $4.99 for it.

Gameplay Changes

Several gameplay changes will be implemented as the game leaves the beta stage. Scrappies and Inventors will be replaced by new alliances in the form of Summoner, Vigilant and Void. Players will also have the option to alter the alliance of a hero by using hats, a new type of item. The Dota Underlords update marks the official release of the game and the introduction of the Season 1 content.



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