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Dota 2 Receives a New Matchmaking System, and It Affects All the Players

Valve has recently introduced some changed to the ranked matchmaking from Dota 2. But this is not really the first time the company has changed its matchmaking, and they will probably do it again.

This new system has removed the support MMRs, and they replaced it with a single number that represents numerous roles. Valve has also come with a pentagon graph with empty bars. These bars will fill automatically, and it depends on the style of play of players and their strength in each role.

Will this affect the queue?

As per developers, a player who queues for the best role – the one with the most bars filled, will get a match by using his or her full MMR. Those roles with lesser filled bars will put the player in a queue for a lower rank, the thing that compensates for his or her weakness in the role. The badge levels will appear for the player after he or she is in the picking phase of a ranked game.

The impact on Dota 2 players

We will all see the effect of these changes after some time. But there are some things that are clear. For example, players that have a considerable difference in their skill level for different roles may abuse this entire system. Let’s take a clear pattern: a player who has 5000 MMR for a carry role, and 3000 MMR for support, will queue for support roles and then pick a carry role after.

We know, it is unfair, because there is the 2000 MMR difference between the roles. We don’t know how many changes they did to the different roles, which makes us confused. Valve is really trying to make matchmaking as fair as possible. They are currently testing every new method there is for the best experience of Dota 2.



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