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DOTA 2 Latest News Involve Some Great Updates

Valve got ready some updates, meaning that the Dota 2 developers changed the smurf detection system to be more sensitive. They launched the update recently, and it wasn’t noticed at first by players. The update alone doesn’t provide any details about the method od smurf detection, but some last retouches on smurf detection have revealed the process in brief.

So, the detection feature is for players who are acting significantly well in their bracket. The most precise method of identifying the performance is still unknown. We could think of many possibilities, such as the XPM (Experience Per Minute) or the GPM (Gold Per Minute). Other stuff might include the maintenance of regularly great with rates. The update also states that smurfs will receive some essential MMR increases to make them at par with a rank where they wouldn’t surpass their performance anymore.

Latest DOTA 2 News

The post indicated that with the smurf detector receiving a more sensitive level, it might bring consequences. For example, average players could gather additional MMR on some unique periods. Valve has later discussed smurfing in its latest upgrades. They have tried their hand at enhancing matchmaking in many other ways. Smurfing is defined as a universal issue for all challenging online gamer, and game developers had always wanted to remove it, once for all.

Advanced skilled players, for example, engaging in matches against an average player, turns the game wrong and unfair. It could also diminish the game experience for lower-skilled users. The chances of both players to have a good time playing would be almost inexistent. Smurfing had also been related to the process of a user’s logging into a different account separate from the initial one. The user would play the game without being identified by his or her team at all. The reason for using such a method is to enhance without endangering the stats of the primary account.



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