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Doom Eternal Update Available with Upgrade 1 for Empowered Demons

Players have shown an increased interest in a relatively new game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This swift in the general perception has made Doom Eternal loose fans’ interest in its gaming experience. Thankfully, the company has announced that they are planning on releasing an upgraded version for the game shortly. The rumors are showing that the upcoming upgrade will bring a series of notable major changes, aiming to regain fans’ interest in Doom Eternal products.

The company has posted on its official Twitter page about their plans. One of the most impressive attempts is to introduce the Empowered Demons. The upcoming model features a unique experience. If your character is killed by a demon, the killer will be transported to another dimension, where it will be condemned to fight again. Fortunately, if you manage to apply a good gaming strategy throughout the game and succeed in beating the enemy, you will be rewarded with additional health. In addition to this, such a victory also implies a set of additional experience points.

The upcoming version of Doom Eternal is also bringing a series of major improvements to the single-player mode and the battle mode. The officials have announced that they are planning to introduce demon tutorials, as well as water dashing. Moreover, players that will get killed during the gameplay will receive an improved Death Report that aims to offer them proper insight into what has caused their death, which will enable them to learn from their mistakes.

The game is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. No official release date has been revealed yet since the update is currently in its development stage. The major improvements are bug fixes, host optimization, and additional events. Until the final version is released, fans can enjoy the other games powered by the company, such as External Invasion.




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