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New DOOM Eternal Trailer Reveals Update 1

We finally can have a peek at the new content Bethesda Softworks prepared for its first-person shooter video game DOOM Eternal. The first set of fresh content is called Update 1, and this article includes the official trailer released by the company behind the game as well as other details. 

Without further ado, here is the teasing video that is hyping the upcoming game: 

Of course, fans are very excited about the new video. This gives us a short inside of what to expect from the upcoming DOOM Eternal official release. The great news is that Update 1 is free for all players! The latest update includes a mixture of new features to the game, such as Metals Event, Empowered Demons, Single-player campaign updates, Battlemode balance changes. However, that is not all; the latest update includes many other features. 

As for DOOM Eternal, we can say that it became very popular among fans, but also among critics. However, the sequel of the video game is like fresh air. It brings something new to the table, while also keeping it simple, with respect to the FPS it once was. The reviews for the DOOM Eternal game are excellent. It marked great scores; therefore, Bethesda has made an accolades trailer for the game.

Here is the accolades trailer for the game released by Bethesda: 

If you are curious about DOOM Eternal Update 1, you can now find it on all platforms. Therefore, go ahead and give this game a try! 

We are very curious about your personal opinion on the new DOOM Eternal update, so please leave a comment in the section below. Which of the latest features is your favorite? Do you agree with the positive opinions about the game? What other changes would you like to see in the game? 



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