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Do You Know that Surface Pro X Is the Tablet that Can Be Repair Easy?

Microsoft is coming with something new and smart regarding its Surface Pro X tablet. After some research and intelligent design, this tablet is, at this moment, the most repairable one on the market of gadgets. Microsoft is giving the start to a new direction regarding the tablets market.

Surface Pro X

The first thing that Microsoft has designed for the tablet was built-in SSD. The drive is in a compartment that can be accessed like a SIM. You will eject it just like you do with the SIM, with a pinch or a paperclip. This new and smart idea is very great on so many levels. You don’t need to find other ways to access your internal storage, to pry off your display. Also, you can upgrade your SSD with this method handily and straightforwardly.

The second feature of this tablet is the display. All the tablets have the screen glued to the main body, and this makes the separation much heavy. With Surface Pro X, you will need only some patience and a steady hand, and you can separate the display from the body anytime.

Besides this, you can now easily remove the screws with a Torx screwdriver. Not only can the screws be easily removed, but also the two USB-C ports. Regarding the scores of a secure repair device, the Surface Pro X has 6 points out of ten. Maybe it will not sound much for you, but actually, if we look at the iPad Pro, the Apple tablet scored three-point out of ten.

Finally, the fact that Microsoft is taking a massive step in the tablets market in the reparability compartment is also a considerable step for the user. How cool is to fix your own tablet that easy?

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