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Disco Elysium is Coming Soon for Consoles

The developers from ZA/UM have announced that the Disco Elysium game is arriving for PS4 and Xbox One consoles in 2020. This can only make gamers happy since a PC version of the game has already been launched on October 19.

In Disco Elysium, the player has to guide a nameless detective to unveil who is behind a murder case. Being a role-play video game, its development was inspired by tabletop games.

Giving specific tactical commands will be easier

Robert Kurvitz, who is the designer and writer of Disco Elysium, said that the gameplay would significantly be improved if you’re doing it on a console.

We are going to port the game to consoles so you can play on your PlayStation and Xbox. So, you know, that’s my message to you guys for 2020. It plays really, really nicely on a controller because […] you don’t need to click around and give specific tactical commands, which the controller isn’t very good at

The gameplay is pretty unique since it doesn’t feature combat in the way it was meant to be, but only dialogues and skill checks. The character has four primary abilities: Intellect, Physique, Motorics, and Psyche. Each ability has six skills for a total of 24.

The player improves the skills by gaining skill points from leveling up. He is able to raise a skill for a short amount of time by equipping a piece of clothing. By upgrading these skills, the character is helped to pass skill checks. However, there isn’t always a happy turn of events: this could also potentially result in character quirks.

Unfortunately, for the moment, we don’t know an exact release date of the game for PS4 and Xbox One, but hopefully, we will see it released in early 2020. So be sure to bring out their consoles and polish them well since they will be very busy running Disco Elysium.



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