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Destiny 2: Beyond Light Xbox Game Pass, Release Date and more

Destiny 2 is going to be part of the Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft and Bungie are joining forces together to make this happen. The game will be available in September, and Xbox Game Pass subscribers get to play it free of additional charge. But that’s not all. The Pass also includes access to previous expansions and the forthcoming Fantasy 2: Beyond Light DLC.

However, getting a Destiny 2 year pass will not grant you access to the DLCsas they are being sold separately. At the moment, the game is available on the console platform only. According to Microsoft, the company is working on bringing the game into the PC platform as well. The Destiny 2 subscription is said to be available for PC users in 2021.

Beyond Light expansion is postponed until November 10, according to the recent news from Bungie. The original date for expansion’s release was September 22. The delay is due to the coronavirus outbreak. Unfortunately, the number of infections is going up again. The upcoming game expansions include a new feature called stasis. Something that players are looking forward to trying.

You can see the stasis freeze effect in a video Bungie released not too long ago. Click on the video below to see for yourself.

The new feature of the game will be available in the player-vs-player atmosphere as well. Are you excited about the new subclasses? You can clearly see the freezing enemies in the trailer. I wonder how the gameplay will actually turn out to be.

The second version of Destiny will also be available on the upcoming console from Microsoft. Yes, we are talking about the next-gen Xbox Series X. Destiny 2 will run at 60 fps, which is 30 fps more than what Xbox One and Xbox One X are capable of when it comes to this game.

What is your opinion on this upcoming game expansion?



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