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Design for iPhone 12 Revealed in a Concept Video – No Notch Implemented?

Although the Californian tech giant Apple released iPhone 11 for quite a short time, the flagship was received by the fans according to the expectations. Now, thanks to a new concept video leaked, we can already take a peek at how iPhone 12 will look. Or you can simply call it iPhone 2020, and you might have guessed already the year of its release.

Fans of Apple wouldn’t accept that the future flagship will lack 5G support, and all the leaks confirm that they have all the reasons to be optimistic.

No notch for iPhone 12

The notch was introduced in iPhone X, and some fans were devastated because of it. Let’s face it: nobody likes a notch when it could have been a portion of the display instead. The video claims that there will be no notch for Apple’s 2020 flagship, which clearly makes a lot of people happy.

But enough talking, feel free to check out the video:

Therefore, you can see for yourselves that iPhone 12 is expected to bring a major design change, and the video presents that pretty well. Plenty of leaks, and also tech analysts have confirmed several design features.

However, the concept video that was leaked on YouTube doesn’t present the flat edge design for the phone, which was revealed by Ming-Chi Kuo, the reputed Apple analyst.

No Face ID recognition?

There’s no need to worry about iPhone 12 lacking Face ID recognition. Apple says that it’s working to reduce the size of the Face ID sensors and the TrueDepth 3D camera that enables Face ID to work. Therefore, the Face ID sensor will be shrunk as much as possible in order to fit in the top bezel. This is a more modern way to do things than creating that annoying notch.

Will the iPhone 12 feature the long-debated under-display front camera? It’s totally worth the wait to find out.



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