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Dead Island 2: Latest Details

We have new details about Dead Island 2. The info comes from THQ Nordic. For the last five years, the game was in the development phase. However, that’s not the only drawback. It also moved from one developer to another. At first, it was under the Yager Interactive, but it was handed over to Sumo Digital back in 2017. However, the game was shortly handed over again to Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios.

According to THQ Nordic, the last developer has been working on the game since 2018. To be more specific, they are referring to the ” top-secret AAA project” that Dambuster was said to be working at. But that’s not all. We might be able to give you a possible release interval. It could be that one of those games will be the next Saints Row game; however, the other one might as well be Dead Island 2. The video game publisher believes it will release two AAA games next financial year. We should expect to hear about jobs from Volition, Dambuster, and 4A Games as well.

From the 81 new jobs, 34 have been made known to the public. However, not all of them are the real deal. But, as the writer was teasing, we can expect a few AAA titles. It is no secret that 4A Games was working on a new Metro project. However, as the Metro Exodus is now available, we don’t expect them to release a new one next financial year.

What we do hope is to hear more about Dead Island 2. Especially with the fast next-gen consoles approaching. Just think about the new tech, both consoles from Sony and Microsoft are using. What could the higher-end Project Scarlett system do for the game?

This is no official news that I’m about to tell you, but Dead Island 2 could be revealed at E3 2020. Besides the new Saints Row game, it would make sense.



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