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Days Gone PC Launch Event Teased, But It Could Be Fake News

The post-apocalyptic survival horror game, Days Gone, was launched back in 2019. It arrived as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title. As the game is getting ready to celebrate its first anniversary, PC fans turned to what the latest rumors suggested.

Reports about Sony’s decision to end its exclusivity emerged online. Before you start to believe something, remember that there’s no official announcement from SIE Bend Studio yet or Sony. There is only a listing on Amazon France that made fans of the Days Gone to be excited. The listing suggests that the developers are ready to take the game to another level, the PC world.

Could Days Gone Arrive on PC?

Nibellion, a Twitter user, recently found an Amazon listing with the title “Days Gone Edition,” for the Windows platform. According to the webpage, the listing was published by the official PlayStation store. The Amazon webpage confirmed that the listing is about a video game for the Windows platform. But, the whole page doesn’t comprise any concrete details, at all. Though, the game in question is 100 % Days Gone.

While all of that information is based on some things that could not be true, a PC variant of Days Gone is somehow plausible. Let’s take the Horizon Zero Dawn, for example. The game was initially Sony’s first-party exclusive, and later on, it was announced that it would reach the PC world in the summer of 2020. Such a thing is a definite move that the company has changed its stance on exclusives.

Even Microsoft jumped on a cross-play train previously with something called the Game Pass for PC. And for Sony, there is the PS Now. However, Sony stated that “the listings are not accurate,” meaning that a Days Gone launch event on PC might not happen at all. Hope is what we have at the moment.



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