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Dark Devotion Arrives For PS4 – Horrendous Bosses Are Unveiled

Dark Devotion is a dark and gruesome game developed by Hibernian Workshop for PC and consoles. Released back in April on the first platforms, the game is available for PS4 tomorrow, October 25. Now it’s time for the public to see some of the horrendous bosses.

If you think you have what it takes, check out what Hibernian has to say about the foes from Dark Devotion. And it needs to be said: they look so gruesome that you wouldn’t want anybody to look like that even at a Halloween party.


This is the first boss you’ll encounter, and you can guess for yourself that he’s not very friendly at all. He’s terrifying, he most likely doesn’t sleep with a teddy bear, and he’s savage beyond imagination. At some point, he will rip his own arm off just to have better mobility, and that will not weaken him at all.

The Executioner

This is the final boss of the first level, and he also doesn’t like courtesy visits. He likes to play with a slashing close-range weapon attached to his arm. After you battle him a bit, the guy will throw off his fur coat to show that he means business. And that will make him even more dangerous and ferocious. The developers even acknowledge that they got the idea from the famous anime Dragon Ball, where Goku was training with weighted clothing.

Dark Devotion features a detailed narrative that unfolds a gruesome tale of the Templar religion’s calling to obedience. Spanning four unique worlds, each with their own various environments, you’ll wield many weapons in your journey to discover the Temple’s secret. You’ll have to confront evil enemies and devious bosses whose core mission is to destroy your soul and damn you forever. Every encounter puts to the test your fortitude, piety, and conviction.



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