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Dangerous Antivirus Apps with Over 1 Billion Downloads Require Urgent Deletion

If you are one of those people who believe all they see written on the Internet, you should be much more precautious. Dangerous apps thrive over the web, and it doesn’t matter much how the developers are presenting them. What it really matters is to test for yourself the characteristics of an app, and to always have a trustworthy antivirus installed on your device.

What’s funny and ironically is that today we will discuss exactly about antiviruses as being dangerous apps. A new report from VPNpro sheds light on who is really the foe in a digital world where mostly you only get the illusion that your data is protected.

Six Antivirus apps require deletion

The dangerous apps are pretending to protect your phone from… dangerous apps! But the harsh truth is that they are actually harmful apps, and they got downloaded 1.66 billion times from the Google Play Store. According to VPNpro, users put themselves and all their precious data on their phones at risk by downloading the antiviruses. The pesky apps are: Virus Cleaner, Security Master, Antivirus Free 2019, Virus Cleaner 2019, Super Phone Cleaner, and Clean Master.

The malicious apps are using dangerous permission requests, and normally an antivirus wouldn’t need such thing. Thus, the apps will be able of using the victim’s camera, phone function, and even to find out his location. Of course, the victim couldn’t know a thing.

The solution?

First of all, you should delete ASAP the above-mentioned apps. Second, be very precautious while observing the behavior of a freshly downloaded app. One hint is to become vigilant when an app is requiring many permissions. VPNpro is confirming that to us:

Aantivirus apps requesting a large amount of dangerous permissions can seem quite suspicious, and we recommend caution.

But perhaps the best online security advice someone can give you is this: learn to question everything that you read on the web.



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