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CS: GO Source Code Leaked – Valve Doesn’t Worry

From time to time, leaks are displaying source code for games. However, most of the time, the game is no longer produced and sold anymore. In other times, the source code for games that are already published and are waiting for an upgrade to catch the public’s attention. This is the case of Valve’s CS: GO, as well as Team Fortress 2. Given the increased interest in these games, the players worldwide are highly concerned about the vulnerabilities that the games might be now exposed to, such as hackers that could exploit this situation.

Valve has already confirmed the leaked source code, stating that everything that was published is for real. The source of the leak may be caused by the licensees of the Source code game engine back in 2017. The leaked has hit the internet back in 2018, but it is creating an increased interest-only two years later.

Valve Announced That CS: GO and Team Fortress 2 Source Code Leaked

The Steam store owner has stated that the source is accurate and safe to use. In addition to this, users have nothing to worry about, since no vulnerabilities of security concerns have been reported. Unfortunately, no official declaration followed, leaving fans still concerned about the security of TF2.

Since an official declaration has failed to appear, the Team Fortress 2 community has remained confused and panicked as far as their safety is concerned. Moreover, several community-run serves have shut down, waiting for an official position form the company to re-open their normal activities. On the other hand, the communities that have invested money in their gaming experience are now trying to downplay the situation.

Valve could make use of the situation and encourage fans to use only trustful sources and servers for their communities. This is not the first time that Valve is experiencing a source code leak. The last one happened ten years ago when the code of Half-Life 2 was stolen. In short, the devs are not worried about the recent CS: GO source code leak.



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