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Crysis Remastered Rumored To Also Contain Crysis Warhead Expansion

Leaks have shown that the forthcoming Crysis Remastered may also include the Crysis Warhead expansion. Up until now, there has been no official declaration from the developers, and we cannot be sure about the development of Crysis Remastered, but this feature is something to hope for.

Tom Willis is CCO at Saber Interactive, and he is responsible for taking care of the Nintendo Switch’s port. He has recently tweeted on his official account that for him, it is highly impressive to create games for a more significant number of people.

The plural form of the word “game” is the clue that caught the attention of fans. They believe that the Warhead game would be included in the upcoming release if the company’s approach to the Crysis Remastered game is to reinterpret the original game.

Crisis Warhead might be introduced in the upcoming Crysis Remastered

Crysis Warhead tells the story of Sergeant Michael “Psycho” Sykes, who gets its share of trouble with the other side of the island. The game was equipped with impressive graphics, as well as new weapons and engines, enemies, and vehicles. What was even more impressive was the multiplayer component, which was highly appreciated by the people.

The recently posted tweet is showing that there is a lot more to come for Crysis Remastered in terms of innovative gaming features and impressive storylines. In addition to this, it is clear that the upcoming game will not bring only one plot, the introduction of the Warhead expansion being something to hope for. All the press releases and the campaigns until now are pointing towards the opening of Warhead.

Moreover, even though bad reviews were abundant regarding Crysis 2, a Crysis 2 Remaster might be possible as well. With a couple of improvements to its linear plot, the game would be an impressive comeback. Therefore, it is very likely that the company would launch more than one Crysis Remastered game in the upcoming future.



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