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Crusader Kings 2: How To Get A Free DLC For Your Free Game

Of course, everybody likes getting their favorite game for free, but why not more if it’s possible? Paradox Development Studio developed the beautiful strategy game for the ones who want to explore the Middle Ages environment. But now you have another reason to feast your eyes with the game: it’s totally free on Steam.

Unfortunately, the DLC’s of the game still cost money, but an easy “trick” can also get a DLC to you at no cost at all.

Register and get The Old Gods DLC

The Old Gods is one of the DLC’s for Crusader Kings 2, and you can get it for free by simply signing up to the Crusader Kings newsletter. Don’t bother digging up the web for it, just click here

The process is very simple: you have to submit an email address, and a magic code will be sent to your inbox so you’ll be able to access the DLC. It’s the fourth major expansion of the game, part of the 1.10 Patch, and it has some interesting features:

  • Non-nomadic Pagans and Zoroastrians become playable.
  • An earlier start date is now available: January 1, 867.
  • Revolts now have leaders and are more dangerous.
  • Claimant and duchy-conquest adventurers.

The Patch 1.10 has even more cool stuff, and just to mention several of them, you can check out:

  • Unreformed pagan religions become heresies upon reformation.
  • You can take female rulers as captive concubine. Any child born to a concubine will have the same rights in succession as other children, but will be viewed poorly by others.
  • Base religious moral authority depends on holding holy sites (should make it harder to reach and hold at 100% as it is now)
  • All religions have 5 holy sites.
  • Some heresies have separately scripted holy sites, but most share holy sites with their parent religion.
  • Reformed Norse get a Caliph-like religious leader called a Fylkir – a secular and religious head; the title will be granted to the ruler who restored the religion.
  • Pagan temples can have female holders.
  • To reform a pagan religion, you need 3 of 5 holy sites and a lot of piety.
  • Reformed pagans gain a religious head (different for each), all but Norse are church vassals like Patriarchs.




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