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The goal for Crucible is to be a gamer’s game

Crucible is a free-to-play, competitive game that was launched by Amazon on Wednesday for the PC platform. Think of a combination of Fortnite, Overwatch, and Apex Legends to help you create an image of this new video game. Crucible is very similar to the top game titles. As part of the battle royale genre, this online multiplayer game is also strategic. With lots of character-leveling elements, Crucible also has similar battle arenas as League of Legends.

Crucible the gamer’s game

The goal for Crucible is to be a gamer’s game, according to the Amazon giant. 

“The kind of game that we’re making is a gamer’s game, for sure,” says Louis Castle, who leads Amazon’s Relentless Studios in Seattle.

Amazon won’t push Crucible to enter the esport arena.

“We’re very cognizant of the fact that we’re new to the space and we’re new to the category. We’ve done our best and we’ve made a nice game. We think it’s good and we expect it to change and grow … I’m always fond of the saying that ‘you can’t push a rope.’ It’s the community that pushes you into the esport arena,” says Castle. “That’s not something we can engineer. There are many people in our alpha [testing] group who are excited by its potential, so I don’t want to say that we wouldn’t support it, but that’s not something we’re going to go out and claim.”

The second Amazon video game

Crucible is the first video game released by Amazon. However, the giant will soon release another game called New World. The later will come out in August 2020 as an online role-playing game.

“Both teams have been working for a long time on these games,” says Castle. “I imagine there will be expectations set because this is the first one, but they will be quickly changed because ‘New World’ is nothing like Crucible.”

Among the pros of the first Amazon games is the fact that it doesn’t need the the highest of the high-end PCs to run. I think is really great that players need only a relatively decent machine to play.



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