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Conglomerate 451 will exit Steam Early Access soon

Conglomerate 451 is a grid-based, dungeon-crawling first-person RPG with roguelike elements set in a cyberpunk world. Unfortunately for the fans, it won’t be available anymore on Steam Early Access, starting February 2020. It stood there for quite a short period of time, from the launch in May.

You can find an Early Access trailer for the game below, alongside a fancy description and screenshot set:

Conglomerate 451 is offering players an evolution of what developers believe to be one of the most interesting genres from the video game industry. All the player has to do in the game is to take down the corrupt corporations that are threatening sector 451 of Conglomerate city, establish and managing a crack team of cloned agents, alter their DNA and transform them into cyborgs. Simple, right?

Even the most slight wound can evolve into a permanent status modifier, changing the way the player should approach future encounters. Therefore, players will have to leverage everything from hacking and equipable agent skills to the careful usage of their personal R&D department to make it out alive.

Some key features are also presented:

  • Dungeon crawling – Confront your enemies in a cyberpunk take on classic, turn-based dungeon crawling gameplay by choosing the best strategy, take advantage of their weak moments, and so on
  • Procedural dungeons – Experience the dungeon crawling you prefer, using some pretty advanced technology as you take on dungeons and missions
  • If you die in game – Each mission could be your last thanks to agent permadeath. Be precautious with every move you make, because you cannot bring back an agent who dies in battle
  • Take good care of your resources – Make use of your own personal R&D department to do some advanced technological research; you can unlock new features, powers, and see new ways of progress
  • Improve your body – feel free to upgrading weapon and armor proficiencies, and to augment your body with interchangeable cyber implants that can completely change your skills

Of course, all you need left is some guts. Are you willing to get into the action?



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