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Colorado Rockies’s Playoff Run for 4 games was a feeble display

If anyone assumed that the extra-innings victory by Colorado Rockies during wild-card game prophesied a rather exciting playoff based action to materialize, those fans were actually completely wrong. Well anything that was actually true for the 2-1 win game against the opponent team “The Cubs” throughout the three-game sweep at hands of Milwaukee Brewers was the fact that none from the team managed to hit a single ball during the game.

The Brewers managed to perform well during this series while they effectively proceeded towards their stance for victory during Game 1. They also came up strong with enough properly timed hits to carry forth the day to Games 2 & 3. However, they might have still easily grabbed the series by performing demonstrably worse. This is because the opponents performed worse to the fact that they could have well stayed at home.

The Rockies defeated the NLDS by hitting an overall batting average that scaled at .146. The team scored 2 runs with 3 games, was struck out about 30 times. Additionally, the team had just fourteen hits from 96 at-bats with just three that went for the extra bases. The game was completely embarrassing as well as boring to watch. No fans wants to turn on the television to watch the playoff baseball plainly to watch 9 guys that take turns in a weak manner while being grounded to the third base through the game.

This performance might feel a bit out of the step for Rockies, the franchise that was historically known for its ability to fill up the lineup with the brawny tater-mashers. But the truth has been changed for quite some time given the fact that this team failed to perform good during the games. This was second in a row for the Rockies when it posted team OPS+ at 90 during regular season. This puts them down in the bottom portion of game league rankings.

The irony from all this is the fact that Rockies have waited for 25 years in order to build the starting rotation which is capable of refraining the inclusion of any embarrassments during the postseason. However, they received one just this year with players like Tyler Anderson, Kyle Freeland, Anotnio Senzatela, and German Marquez. All of them acquitted well during their starts however it all went for zilch given the fact that the offense was completely off-putting during the entire season.



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