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Coin Master 3.5.44 Update Brings New Content, Improvements, And More

Are you sure you’re ready to become the next Coin Master? Are you sure you’re prepared to assume your roles of King, Warrior, Pirate, Hippie, or Viking? Can you travel through time?

Coin Master features

  • Spin the wheel to earn a loot – Spin the wheel and earn your next prize – a loot, a shield, raid, or some more attack time. You can win your loot by getting coins or gold sacks so that you can build strong villages in the game and level up. You can also win shields that will guard your village, especially when other Vikings will try to attack you. Be the next Coin Master and build the strongest village out there.
  • Be ready to attack – Spinning the wheel is not exactly the only way to get loot – you can also steal it. You can either attack or raid friends or enemies and get the loot you want. And you won’t have to pay for it. Make sure you always fight back so you can feel the victory. And also, why not get revenge on those that ruined your village? Get what’s yours back. Make the most out of your Coin Dozer. And look out for the treasures hidden in other communities!
  • Collect all the cards you can get – The game is about both the loot and the treasure. Collect the cards and complete your sets, then find the next village. Get as many villages as you can.

What’s new in the new Coin Master 3.5.44 update?

It’s the holiday season time! Make sure you enjoy this update to its fullest! Get in the Christmas spirit and save Santa’s village! And don’t forget to win the top stocking stuffer, only by taking part in the ‘Reindeer Run Tournament.’ But be careful when you’re entering the ‘Mistletoe Mystery Tournament’ because you’ll meet Grinch.



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