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Clash Royale Tips Offered by Red Bull M.E.O. Champion ThunderStruck

Red Bull M.E.O. (Mobile Esports Open) Season 1 Finals has been the victory stage for Liam ‘ThunderStruck’ McCarron, who fought with dignity and mastery during the Clash Royale battles. His dream became reality, winning the Clash Royale crown.

With Red Bull M.E.O. Season 2 currently unfolding, ThunderStruck is offering a few tips for those who are competing in the international competition. But of course, the tips could be useful also for those who are not participating in the competition but are simply loving Clash Royale.

Go with Goblin Cage

“Currently, the meta is full of Goblin Cage,” ThunderStruck affirms. “Supercell recently buffed Goblin Cage, and in my opinion, they over-buffed it. It currently has the highest win rate of any cards in Grand Challenges, so if I was to recommend the building blocks to building a deck, I would say to start with Goblin Cage and work out from there.”

Go against Goblin Cage

A lot of players are using Goblin Cage, so it’s not a bad idea to go against it.

“The Goblin Cage, while it has really high damage, is not able to damage air units,” ThunderStruck says. “Using decks with lots of air cards, such as Lava Clone or Lava Miner, the Goblin Cage isn’t very useful.”

Friendly battles

ThunderStruck says friendly battles represent a good way to practice your strategies and improve your gameplay.

“I’d say the best way for players to improve would just be Friendly Battles. If you’re able to focus on Friendly Battles, then that’s how I would recommend players improving,” the guy says. “Other ways players like to improve is top-tier ladder, but anything besides top-tier isn’t that good practice, because it’s not the same as tournament levels. Grand Challenges used to be a good way to practice, but I feel like over time the level of Grand Challenges have not really gotten to the level that Friendly Battles and top-tier ladder can give.”

Released at the beginning of 2016, Clash Royale has proven to be a very successful game for Android and iOS users, reaching $1 billion in revenue in less than a year of availability on the market.

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