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Clash Royale September Update Download Available with New Leader

Clash Royale is one of the most successful mobile games in the world, with millions of active players each day. A key factor in the popularity of the title is the regular updates, which keep things fresh while also adding new content.

Time to Party

The September update is now available, accompanied by a plethora of changes. The biggest one comes in the form of a new Party button, which replaced the old 2V2 button. Some players believed that Supercell planned to remove the classic mode, but this was not the case. Upon hitting the party button players will have the option to pick one out of several modes. Most of them, every 48 hours but the 2V2 mode is available at all times. Matchmaking will take into account the king and card levels to offer that experience.

By engaging in these modes players will also have the chance to learn valuable rewards, among which we can count crowns, chests and victory gold.

Triple draft

The Triple draft is a new mode that lets players pick all of the eight cards. Each choice will be made out of a random pool of three cards,and you can see the pool of the rival without knowing what he took. Available in friendly matches only.

No more ties

A new tiebreaker mechanic will remove ties from all the game modes besides the one-on-one ranked one. The player whose Tower has the lowest hit points will the match automatically. To improve overall visibility the countdown text and timer are now translucent.

Hail to the new leader

If a clan leader will not, for 35 days the position will be granted to the co-leader. If there are no co-leaders the oldest Elder in the clan will be selected as the new leader.

The complete changelog for the update is available on the official website.



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