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Clash of Clans Best Layout for Builder Hall Level 5

A solid base layout is a key to winning versus battle, but picking the right one can be a bit complicated.

To boost your rates, you can try the Builder Hall Level 5 layout featured below. It may not always work but it every counts, and it is always nice to win a match against a skilled opponent. Other sources tend to recommend several layout types. In this case, only one is featured because it is the best overall solution.

Why should you try this layout?

The simple answer is that it is very effective. It was tested in several versus battles, and it lost only against a higher level Builder Hall, but even the best bases can’t help you in such situations. In most cases, you will earn two stars, which should be enough to pave the way to victory.

The layout

The base has the shape of a diamond. This may not seem to be too inspired at first sight, but it works great against most bases at this level since you have an open core area that is protected by two lines of walls.

In most matches, you will have to battle against Giants paired with Archers and/or Barbarians along with some other types of minions or the cheesy mass Barbarians or mass Archer strategy.


If your opponent plans to use giants, they will be forced to approach your base from the side or the top of the base, sending them into a trap as the Crusher and Spring Traps await them.

If there are no giants, the opponent will likely try to enter the base via the bottom of the base by using a Bomber to launch Barbarians. This is not effective since he will have to sacrifice a large number of units down the Clock Tower and the Star Laboratory.

Enjoy the base and collect those wins without problems.



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