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The next New Frontier Pass leader in Civilization 6

This article is about the turn-based strategy 4X video game called Civilization 6. A New Frontier Pass will be available in the game starting next year. That means a bunch of new content! Just last week, we found out about Maya, the first of the eight new civilizations. This civilization is ed by Lady Six Sky. However, 2K just revealed the new strategy for Civilization 6. We will soon see Gran Colombia, led by Simón Bolívar.

“Simón Bolívar’s units are a nimble force to be reckoned with, whether on offense or defense. With clever use of his many Comandante Generals, his army becomes nigh unstoppable,” was reported in a press release.

Therefore, Bolívar’s leadership will allow Gran Colombia civ’s to work hard across the game’s terrain. That includes patrolling their own territories or freeing hostile lands.

On the other hand, field promotions don’t put an end to a unit’s go. This is one of the main points of the upcoming content. That simply means that the civ in the game can get stuck right back into the heat of battle. But that’s not all. Because the Comandante Generals are joining every new era, the civ army now gets an upgrade. That means an extra dose of movement and combat speed.

“The Llaneros are best near these Comandante Generals and other Llaneros,” the release notes, “and serve as a powerful backbone for a mid-game military force. The Hacienda will provide sustenance and production to continue the war path. Simón Bolívar is best leading Gran Colombia towards a Domination Victory, though such might can divert resources to other paths as well.”

Take a first peek at the new civ and leader in the clip below:

The Gran Colombia pack, together with the Maya pack, will be available for selling later this week, on May 21. You can buy the New Frontier Pass for $39.99. However, you also have the option to buy the standalone version for only £7.39.



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