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Chromecast Ultra Will Come With Android TV And A Dedicated Remote

Several sources argue that Google is working on a new version of the Chromecast Ultra, and the popular accessory will come with new features. It appears that it will run Android OS while also being accompanied by a hardware remote, an interesting approach in comparison to the previous version, which encouraged the use of a remote app.

The Chromecast has been quite popular among users, but some have been disappointed by the fact that it is mandatory to use a smartphone as a remote. Other streaming accessories offer the option to use proper remotes, and it seems that Google has taken the complaints into account.

Developed under the codename of Sabrina, the second generation of the Ultra version will retain the ability to stream 4K HDR content. One of the sources has mentioned that what appears to be a remote for the device has passed the FCC tests.

More details on the upcoming Chromecast Ultra

A major highlight is represented by the use of Android TV, which comes with a rich selection of features that make it great. This version of Android was developed from the ground up with TVs in mind, and it offers a superior experience that rivals many Smart TV alternatives.

For example, the OS can track your user habits and observe which shows seem to be your favorites. It will use this information to offer personalized recommendations that suit your tastes. It is also easy to use the dedicated search feature to track down your favorite content and choose the best option.

Most Android TV remotes also featured a built-in microphone, which offers the option to use voice commands to perform a variety of tasks. The integration of Google Assistant is also a great boon for those who wish to control smart home accessories in a convenient manner or multitask. It is thought that the device will be announced in the following months.



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