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Chrome OS 80 Will Let Users Sideload Android Apps A Lot Easier

Everybody knows about Google’s software services like the search engine, the Maps, the cloud technology, the blog hosting, the Gmail, the operating system for phones, and much more. Most of us can’t imagine our lives without these services from the notorious company headquartered in the Californian city Mountain View.

However, Google also offers hardware stuff, such as the Pixel 4 flagship or the laptops (aka Chromebooks).

Deploy apps easily to your Chromebook by using Chrome OS 80

Google says that by the new Chrome OS 80 users will be able to deploy apps directly to their Chromebooks, and not being forced to go through an annoying process like before. Until this update, if you wanted to run Android apps on Chromebooks outside the Google Play Store, you had to activate the Developer Mode and use a tethered phone to do the rest of the job. And of course, nobody wants that in a technological world that is providing us more comfort day by day.

However, one bad news is that end users won’t be allowed to sideload Android apps using the new feature. It’s not about sideloading in the traditional sense of downloading and installing an APK file, but rather installing your own app using the developer tools by Google on the same Chromebook you built it on. In other words, the feature was created mostly for developers.

The operating system created by Google for laptops was launched 8 years ago, and it was dedicated predominantly to online usage. So predominantly that many people still believe that devices running Chrome OS can’t save anything to the hard drives.
The first Chromebooks from 2011 had very few apps that could have been running offline, but since then, many things had changed.

One negative aspect of Chromebooks may be that they come with small amounts of storage, around 64GB, but who needs too much memory on a non-gaming laptop these days when you have the cloud technology?



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