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Checkra1n Team Announced A Mac Pro Jailbreak

Jailbreaking Apple devices had always been more of an SF thing. Recently, the Checkra1n team has hinted at the Mac Pro jailbreak. Most significantly, the Mac Pro got a T2 security chip. How was such a thing even possible? Also, what’s the deal behind the hack? Apple Mac Pro is considered one of the most expensive devices. It also houses lots of dedicated security chips.

Checkra1n’s Mac Pro Jailbreak Explained

The news of the Mac Pro’s jailbreak was shared by the Checkra1n team member Rick Mark. The tweet involved an impact that Apple’s most expensive device got the checkm8 bootrom exploit procedure using a MacBook Pro. The T2 chip runs the security on the Mac via the secure enclave, which comprises Touch ID, secure boot-ups, encrypted SSD storage, and much more. According to Apple, the chip controls and manages the System Management Controller, the SSD controller, and the image signal processor.

The hack is genuinely an art, especially this time when we have an Apple device, one of the most powerful machines. Given that, the tool potentially requires secure connections. The benefits that some might be concerned about are minimal. Such a thing is because the MacPro jailbreak won’t even let you venture around with the Touch Bar.

However, the Checkra1n team has got bragging rights as it was the first to mark the achievement. Also, we can’t deny that this is the most expensive Mac Pro jailbreak ever done/achieved. Currently, it depends on devs what they can get with the exploit. Moreover, the demonstration is only intended to be shared as news. We can’t expect the tool to be launched to the public soon. What is intriguing is that only one checkm8 exploit was able to crack Apple’s most expensive hardware. We should wait for more details in the following months.



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