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Checkm8 discovers the biggest iOS jailbreak exploit in years

A new iPhone jailbreak is now available, and many tech-savvy users argue that it’s the biggest news for the jailbreak community in years. With the help of the new exploit, millions of users could jailbreak their devices without problems.

By jailbreaking iOS device users gain the ability to remove the restrictions imposed by able over the operating system. This allows them to install apps and tweaks which are not available on the App Store, and to gain access to all the features of the devices, including some which are usually locked.

The practice has been condemned by Apple since the first jailbreak surfaced, and a jailbroken device will lose its warranty instantly. Despite the risk of breaking the device may users have indulged in the practice, arguing that the advantages are greater than the potential consequences.

In August 2019 a minor iOS update unpatched a vulnerability which relied on the SockPuppet flaw. A new solved the issue, but jailbreak solutions compatible with iOS 12.4 were available after a short while. This incident is minor in comparison to the potential offered by Checkm8.

The major strong point of Checkm9 sets from the fact that it cannot be fixed with a quick patch. Checkm8 uses an exploit that focuses on a vulnerability found in the bootrom, the first lines of code which are run when the owner turns on an iOS device.

Select sources claim that the vulnerability is present across devices that use all processors ranging between A5 and A11. This means that devices from the iPhone 45 and up to the iPhone X are vulnerable.

The impact is not as big as some may fear since Checkm8 is tied to a tethered jailbreak solution. In this case, the jailbreak is active as long as the device is connected to a computer. After the device is rebooted the jailbreak will disappear.



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