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Check Out The New PlayStation 4 Games Collection Coming Out This Week – Trailers and Info

The official PlayStation blog revealed its roster of newly added games offered to PlayStation 4 players starting this week. There are plenty of highlights, and we’ll be glad to mention a few. It’s nice to see that the PS4 console is still receiving plenty of attention, considering that its much more powerful successor is only several months until it releases: namely PlayStation 5, it will arrive to the tech market in December.

But now let’s dive right into our subject and see what the most interesting titles coming to PS4 this week are:

Minecraft Dungeons

Regardless of how much we would want otherwise, we just have to start with this game. Minecraft Dungeons brings a new concept to the legendary Minecraft world where everything is made of blocks. Expect to be assaulted by various enemies at every step in Minecraft Dungeons, and don’t hesitate to equip yourself with powerful weapons if you’re willing to achieve victory.

Minecraft Dungeons becomes available today, May 26.

Those Who Remain

If you’re a fan of horror games inspired from those movies with haunted houses, than this is the game for you. Its presentation says it all:

Set in the sleepy town of Dormont, a town in a spiraling split from the fabric of reality, warped by darkness and the deeds of the citizens who reside, Those Who Remain is a story driven adventure-thriller combining a deeply atmospheric game world with unnerving and tense psychological horror. Coming to PlayStation 4 on May 15.

Genetic Disaster

This game comes out on May 29, and it’s a ridiculously fun title to enjoy with your friends. You should never take it too seriously. You can choose to play either alongside friends or compete with them in a PvP arena. The developers are describing their game as following:

Genetic Disaster is a coop action game based on absurd guns, crazy characters and instant fun with accidental (they said) friendly fire in multiplayer!

Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen

As you probably already concluded for yourself, this game is mostly for anime fans. As a player, your mission will be to master the art of war in order to achieve victory. Protect your land, challenge enemies, and be brave!

Utawarerumono: Prelude to the Fallen arrives to PS4 today, May 26.


Let’s Sing 2020

If you want to prove to your friends what a great or terrible singer you are, compete with them to see who’s better, or even break a few windows with your voice, you better know that Let’s Sing 2020 comes to PS4 on May 28. There are plenty of famous songs to choose from!

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

This title pretty much offers a Super Mario vibe, and we can’t say that it’s a bad thing. Shantae and the Seven Sirens is out on May 28 for PS4, and it follows the half-genie Shantae as she roams across a tropical island to participate in the Half-Genie Festival. During a performance, some other half-genies in attendance disappear, and Shantae is forced to search the island and the sunken city beneath it for finding them.

Many Faces

If you’re also nostalgic about those 2D games from consoles based on 8 or 16 bits from Nintendo, where you’re in charge of a funny and mad little guy that carries a weapon around and has to face bosses at the end of each level, than you’re not alone. We’re also nostalgic about such games, and PS4 will bring back some childhood memories to us along with the launch of Many Faces on May 27.

We believe that these are the most worth-mentioning games of the ones coming to PlayStation 4 this week. Feel free to tell us of other games that you believe are even better. You know what they say that tastes in music and gaming are the hardest to understand.



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