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Changes We Need to See in FIFA 21 for Better Gameplay

Fans of FIFA have been expecting some new features for quite the while, which are essential for the game. But will the creators take them into account? These are the features we all want to see in FIFA 21!

What The Fans Expect From FIFA 21


As you probably already know, FIFA is an e-sports simulation game, which is played by the entire world on the platform of their choice. But you can play against your friends only if they have the same platform as you do. If we do get cross-platform, it might be easier to do the entire matchmaking process without waiting for that much. Players will find their competitors easier than before. We also believe that the level of competition is right, but it is based on ranks and season division. Every player might have the chance to play in a competition.

Connection Glitches

We have all seen the problems with the connections to the EA servers, and the connection gets lost easily. This means that players lose valuable points in the game, and the result is quite unfair. This should be fixed in FIFA.

Improvements in the Career Mode in FIFA 21

Fans also want these improvements. There are no ceremonies in FIFA, so they want Award ceremonies or titles for FIFA best player, and so on. This makes the experience of the game better for the player.

The Be A Pro Mode

We all remember the days when we were able to play our favorite player as an individual. This mode is one of the best that the game ever had, and it belongs to FIFA. Makers should bring it back. It merely makes the game more fun.

Suddenly blowing the whistle

We suddenly hear the referee blown the whistle, and we know the fun is over. It is probably the most annoying thing happening in FIFA. It mostly occurs when you are on the counter-attack and nearly could get a goal. And the referee blows the whistle, and it halts the game, and you do not get the goal you wanted anymore. The maker of the game should definitely take this tip into account.

Practice Mode in Arena 11 vs 11

FIFA has a goalkeeper vs. player mode. But we need to exercise a bit before we actually get to play the game, so we need the Practice mode. We need to be able to practice without losing our record if we lose. Arena should get upgraded to 11vs11 so that we could all exercise easily.

Goalkeeper Mode

FIFA has a lot of house rules, like volleys and headers, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. But if you are a goalkeeper, the game hits differently. Fans might appreciate it more. The makers should try something new in FIFA 21, we know for sure we will be pleased with the result.



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