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Candy Crush Saga Is Not Working After the Update – What Should You Do?

For some of you, it’s probable that the Candy Crush Saga is not working after the update. We are here to tell you how to fix it.

Some players have recently complained that the game does not work after they updated it. There are some things responsible for it, but, probably, it is because the game was not installed correctly.

Before you actually try any of these fixes, try to restart your phone first. We know it sounds childish, but it can fix your problems in no time.

First method. Clear cache.

When this error takes place, it’s probably because it triggered a bug instead of fixing it, and this might be the cause of the failure. In order to fix it, try to clear the cache. For this, go to Settings, find Apps, or Application Manager. Then, you need to find the game and tap on it. Go to Storage, then select Clear Cache. Then you need to exit Settings. All you have to do now is to relaunch the game.

Second method. Reinstall the game.

This is certainly how you will fix the problem. After you delete the game, reinstall it. In order to uninstall and delete Candy Crush, you need to tap on the Home icon, then find the Settings app. After this, select the game and uninstall it. After you confirm the action, you exit the Settings.

Then, you need to go to the Play Store or the App Store – depending on your device – and download the new package that comes with the game. You need to keep in mind that the game should be fully installed before you open it.

Third method. Free up the RAM or the Memory.

It’s possible that it does not work because of a full RAM or Storage. Try to remove some apps or files in order to fix the issue.



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