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Can This Game Be The Next “Pokémon Go”?

Pokémon Go is currently facing tremendous success worldwide and doesn’t show any signs that it wants to stop. Released only about three years ago, being developed and published by Niantic for iOS and Android devices, the augmented reality mobile game is one of the most played games on mobile devices. Nintendo’s market value increased by 9 billion dollars within only five days of the release of Pokémon Go back in 2016, so the future can be only bright for the beloved game.

But now another company things seriously about applying the same concept to their new game as developers of Pokémon Go did. Getting people outdoors as much as possible to be able to run a game seems to be only productive.

Minecraft Earth could be the next “Pokemon Go”

Everybody knows about Minecraft and its undeniable notoriety, but who would have thought that it will evolve in a Pokemon Go-like Augmented Reality game? That’s exactly what the developers from Microsoft and Mojang have in mind for their future game which will be called Minecraft Earth.

In Minecraft Earth you won’t have to chase cute little monsters like the players of Pokemon Go are doing. Instead, you’ll have to fight off building blocks in the real world which can be put and viewed using the smartphone. Of course, they don’t actually exist outside your smartphone, but it will be exciting to build a virtual castle in your backyard and some other Minecraft Earth player will be able to see it there when he will be passing by.

When will Minecraft Earth be released?

The new AR game is expected to be briefly released during next month, without any further information. Minecraft itself released a trailer announcing select early access for Minecraft Earth in this years’ October. This means we’ll have to wait a couple of months more until the full version of the game, perhaps until winter or maybe even spring. But judging by how well it’s received the AR concept in gaming in general and the vast popularity of Minecraft, it’s totally worth the wait. Minecraft Earth is expected to be another tremendous success.





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