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Call of Duty: Warzone Might Receive Fortnite-style Elements and Events

Call of Duty: Warzone is planning to start reproducing the Fortnite’s book. The officials are aiming to improve a series of Fortnite-style events that are meant to enhance the gaming experience, making it more fresh and new. The narrative director, Taylor Kurosaki, has declared that this change of plots is aiming to offer unique experiences, determining fans to keep playing the game.

During his interview for VentureBeat, the director has declared that those who have already played the game will be more than delighted to try the upcoming changes. He is stating that the atmosphere of the game and the macro experience they will be providing will fit with the concept of the game. He added that this change had undergone a severe period of further considerations before deciding to implement it.

The expected Fortnite-style features of Call of Duty: Warzone

The game is highly appreciated for including surreal details into their storyline. For example, the officials have decided to include meteors that have collided on the gaming map. In addition to this, a series of in-game concerts, which included a wide range of the world’s biggest acts, have improved the soundtrack of the game. Last but not least, a total blackout was specially designed for the game and it lasted for two days.

However, it is still unclear how these changes are going to be implemented in Warzone’s plot. We are still unaware whether the directors will be providing unusual events to the storyline of the game. The director has declared during his interview that the company’s primary objective is to provide an impressive storyline, which would help the series to be viewed as an episodic TV series.

Additionally, the director stated that he has already come up with a plan and he has known what he is aiming for. Nonetheless, the question is how much time will be needed to create this concept in Call of Duty: Warzone.



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