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Call of Duty Mobile Will Introduce Ranked Mode Until June 1

Recently, Activision released some exciting news about Call of Duty Mobile. The game will introduce Season 4 Ranked Mode starting April 1 until June 1, an overhauled UI, and some new features. Such news comes in times when almost all games experience delays or cancelations. It’s good to hear COD keeps its fans happy with new content, especially when Call of Duty Mobile has so much success.

Call of Duty Mobile Welcomes Season 4

Season 4 of Call of Duty Mobile brings new equipment themes and a new weapon based on the Industrial Revolution. Epic soldier Ruin, alongside Epic Weapon Man-o-War, arrived with the Ranked Mode. Most of the changes that we will notice in the Ranked Mode are enhanced particle effects and art. Activision detailed that the update would also boost up score earnings rules for multiplayer. The new rules are based on the player’s performance now. Season 4 will also bring a better match-making system.

Moreover, the Call of Duty Mobile now has a new ranked multiplayer mode map. Developers, however, have eliminated the Scrapyard map from the game. But, such a thing is only temporary, as players believed. The new map will be available for all game modes. Activision has also said that players won’t suffer any severe penalties on losing a ranked match.

April 1 had also witnessed the rollout of the Call of Duty Mobile’s Season 5. The season has been dubbed the Steel Legion. The update doesn’t arrive with many improvements, only some minor changes to the home screen. The shortcuts for battle royale, the ranked match, the Meltdown maps, and multiplayer are now at the bottom half of the display. New rewards have also been introduced. Call of Duty Mobile also got the classical COD Mobile tune.



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